Attorney Profiles

Albritton, Benjamin H. General Civil and Administrative Law Profile
Anderson, Richard D. Capital Litigation Profile
Arrington, Andrew D. Criminal Trials Profile
Barnes, Noel S. Consumer Interest Profile
Beckman, Kyle A. Special Prosecutions Profile
Beeson, G. Ward, III Opinions Profile
Billingslea, Stephanie C. Criminal Trials Profile
Bjurberg, P. David Criminal Appeals Profile
Blackburn, Kevin W. Special Prosecutions Profile
Bledsoe, J. Matt General Civil and Administrative Law Profile
Brasher, Andrew L. Solicitor General Profile
Brendle, Cecil G. Criminal Appeals Profile
Bucak, Brittney Criminal Appeals Profile
Carmack, Bettie J. General Civil and Administrative Law Profile
Crenshaw, Clay Executive Profile
Cuthbert, Laura Irby Criminal Appeals Profile
Daniel, Tracy M. Criminal Appeals Profile
Davis, James W. Constitutional Defense Profile
Davis, John J. Criminal Appeals Profile
Dean, Michael G. Consumer Interest Profile
Dill, William D. Capital Litigation Profile
Dodd, Stephen N. Criminal Appeals Profile
Duffy, Michael B. Special Prosecutions Profile
Frisby, Stephen M. Capital Litigation Profile
Gaines, Monet McCorvey Opinions Profile
Garrett, Billington M. Division Chief, General Civil and Administrative Law Profile
Goldthwaite, Mary A. General Civil and Administrative Law Profile
Govan, Thomas R. Jr. Capital Litigation Profile
Gwathney, Leigh Criminal Trials Profile
Hammonds, Tina Coker Consumer Interest Profile
Hart, M. Matt Division Chief, Special Prosecutions Profile
Hayden, Jon B. Capital Litigation Profile
Hensley, John C. III Criminal Trials Profile
Houts, James R. Criminal Appeals Profile
Howell, Laura E. Constitutional Defense Profile
Hughes, Beth J. Capital Litigation Profile
Hughes, Todd E. General Civil and Administrative Law Profile
Johnson, Henry M. Capital Litigation Profile
Jordan, Audrey Criminal Appeals Profile
Kachelman, John L. Criminal Trials Profile
Kirkpatrick, Megan A. Special Prosecutions Profile
Langer, Katie M. Special Prosecutions Profile
Leonard, Ellen R. General Civil and Administrative Law Profile
Leverette, John T. Criminal Appeals Profile
Lewis, Madeline H. Criminal Appeals Profile
Lieberman, Bruce M. Division Chief, Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Profile
Martin, Olivia Watts Division Chief, Consumer Interest Profile
Maze, Corey L. Solicitor General Division Profile
Messick, Misty S. Fairbanks Constitutional Defense Profile
Miles-Jones, Ternisha A. Criminal Trials Profile
Moody, Jon R. Medicaid Fraud Control Unit Profile
Moore, Chris Criminal Trials Profile
Nunnelley, Michael A. Criminal Appeals Profile
Parker, William G., Jr. Constitutional Defense Profile
Poe, Beth Slate Criminal Appeals Profile
Poole, Andy S. Criminal Appeals Profile
Porter, John M. Criminal Appeals Profile
Prude, James B. Criminal Appeals Profile
Saxon, Yvonne H. Criminal Appeals Profile
Scales, Robin D. Criminal Appeals Profile
Selden, John A. Capital Litigation Profile
Shaw, Wes Opinions Profile
Simpson, Lauren A. Capital Litigation Profile
Sinclair, Winfield J. Constitutional Defense Profile
Starrett, Marc A. Criminal Appeals Profile
Stephens, Ferris W. Criminal Appeals Profile
Tambling, Robert D. Consumer Interest Profile
Wallace, Jack W., Jr. General Civil and Administrative Law Profile
Wilkerson, Kristi O. Criminal Appeals Profile
Willis, Jack W. Criminal Appeals Profile