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The General Civil Litigation and Administrative Law Division represents the State in civil actions in all courts and before administrative boards as both a defender and initiator of civil actions.  The range of civil matters handled by this division includes prisoner litigation, representation in administrative hearings, and contracts and related commercial transactions.  In addition this division has four areas of  specialization (1) the Consumer Protection Section responds to complaints from the public regarding consumer transactions; (2) the  Antitrust Section analyzes issues arising under the Federal Antitrust Statutes, primarily the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act; (3) the Environmental Section litigates state environmental laws regarding pollution, illegal hazardous waste, and other dangerous environmental concerns; and (4) the Utilities Section represents the public in all matters affecting utility services before the Alabama Public Service Commission. 

Services this Division Provides

The Attorney General is responsible for litigation matters for all State Agencies, which number approximately 150 agencies, boards and commissions.  Many of the larger agencies have their own legal departments with attorneys appointed by the Attorney General.  However, many of the boards and commissions are small, or they cannot afford their own legal department or full-time attorney.  Therefore, these state entities must rely on the Attorney General’s Office for legal representation.   The General Civil and Administrative Law Division provides legal representation for 73 agencies, boards and commissions. The attorneys in the division act as “general counsel” to the regulatory boards and review, prepare and prosecute allegations against licensees accused of violating the various practice acts. 


Consumer Protection Section One of the Attorney General’s most important responsibilities is protecting Alabama consumers.  Please contact the Consumer Protection Hotline at 1-800-392-5658 if we can assist you with a consumer issue.  Consumer complaints can be filed online by going to the Online Complaint Form.

Antitrust Section The Antitrust Section analyzes issues arising under the Federal Antitrust Statutes, primarily the Sherman Act and the Clayton Act. Issues involving market division, price-fixing, bid-rigging, refusals to deal, and other monopolistic, collusive behaviors are investigated often in conjunction with other States, and Federal Agencies when Alabama’s free market competitive landscape may be negatively impacted. The Antitrust Section also conducts merger review and analysis in order to protect Alabama’s competitive markets.  The goal of the Antitrust Section is to protect competition by punishing illegal behavior. This is accomplished by aggressive investigation and prosecution of those who refuse to play by the rules, and further by intensive merger analysis to identify and address adverse anticompetitive effects.

Environmental Section The Environmental Section represents the State of Alabama on a variety of complex environmental issues before the State and Federal Courts and numerous state and federal governmental agencies.  The Environmental Section actively litigates on behalf of Alabama to enforce State environmental laws and to prevent and abate pollution of State waters, land, and air.  In addition, the Section works closely with and/or represents various state environmental regulatory boards and agencies, including the Alabama Department of Conservation and Natural Resources, the Alabama Department of Environmental Management, and the Environmental Management Commission.

Utilities Section This section of the Civil Division acts as the advocate for the consumers before the Alabama Public Service Commission and represents the Attorney General in all utility matters before the Public Service Commission.  The Attorney General, primarily representing residential consumers, intervenes in utility matters affecting the public interest, particularly those utility dockets involving rate and service issues with electricity, natural gas, telecommunications, water, and wastewater companies.

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