Charitable Organizations

Alabama law requires that charitable organizations and institutions that solicit contributions in or from this state register with the Attorney General's Office. A fee of $25 is required for initial registration and for subsequent annual filings. Charitable organizations must file annually, within 90 days of the close of its fiscal year. It must do this by submitting the organization's most recently filed IRS form 990, or an annual financial report as stipulated by Ala. Code § 13A-9-71(g). The organization must also notify the Attorney General within 10 days of any change in the information required for registraiton. The Alabama law governing charity registration is found in Section13A-9-70 through 13A-9-84 of the Code of Alabama.

Please note that Alabama accepts the Unified Registration Statement for nonprofit organizations. You may also download this registration kit at

For more information, please contact Emily Nichols at 1-800-392-5658 or 334-353-1765.

Organizations may download the Registration Forms below. Adobe Acrobat Reader is required to view PDF files. This is a free program available from the Adobe website.

Registration Fees

Initial registration and annual renewal for Charitable Organizations: $25.00


Registration Search

You may search our registered Charities by clicking here.


Registration Instructions

1. Download and complete all required forms.

2. Please send all completed forms and supporting documentation to the following address:

Office of the Alabama Attorney General
Consumer Protection
Attn: Charitable Organization Registration
Post Office Box 300152
Montgomery, Alabama 36130

Please make all checks/money orders payable to the Alabama Attorney General’s Office.

3. Once our office receives all necessary information we will contact you with your license information.

The table below outlines Alabama’s annual filing deadlines. Included on it are the deadlines following a request for a 180-day filing extension. To request an extension, you should email, or send it by fax to 334-242-2433.

Fiscal Year Ending: 90 Day Renewal Due: 180 Day Extension Due:
January 31 May 1 October 28
February 28 May 29 November 25
March 31 June 29 December 26
April 30 July 30 January 26
May 31 August 30 February 26
June 30 September 29 March 27
July 31 October 30 April 27
August 31 November 29 May 27
September 30 December 29 June 26
October 31 January 29 July 27
November 30 February 28 August 27
December 31 March 31 September 27


Download Registration Applications & Forms


Charities filing for an exemption and Private Foundations may now file online:


Legacy forms: